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Official subsidiary in Spain and Portugal of the company AAMS (AntiAging Medical Systems)
Where does AntiAging Medical Systems come from?



The history of the company begins in 1994. In fact, strong personalities with very varied profiles are at the origin of the creation of BFP ELECTRONIQUE and its AAMS world brand.


André BEAUFILS , who has extensive experience in the field of electronics   and Olivier PRORIOL with a successful business career and mastery of five languages, he has opened the doors to export markets.


Their alliance on the same project led to the creation of BFP Electronique.

Versatile and innovative , the company has enjoyed sustained internal growth since its inception.
More recently, it experienced a phase of external growth through the acquisition of several complementary partners.

This integration phase culminates with the crossing of a new stage in the history of the company: the creation of the BFP GROUP in 2017.

Still represented by its AAMS World trademark, the BFP GROUP is today made up of several experienced French companies specializing in the development of aesthetic and medical devices:


  • BFP RESEARCH : Research and development → Make an idea possible [Montrodat]

  • ACTIFOR : Mechanical engineering and molds → Machining an idea [Lyon]

  • STESA : Engineering and manufacture of electronic cards → Piloting an idea [Saint Affrique]

  • BFP ELECTRONIQUE : Production and mass production → Get an idea [Montrodat]

  • AAMS : Commercial Department → Share an idea [Montrodat]

What is the history of AntiAging Systems Iberica?

The time has come to make ourselves known, to say who we are, where we come from, what we do and where we are going.

Anti Aging Systems Iberica SL was born in 2013, and we became the first official subsidiary of AAMS in Spain and Portugal, under the command of our commercial director Mario Zanet.


Although no one said that the beginnings were easy, AntiAging Systems Ibérica managed to gain a foothold in the aesthetic medicine market very quickly. This was thanks to our commercial team, but without a doubt, a large part of the success has been our medical-aesthetic equipment, unique in the market. Doctors know this, to the point of recognizing that our carboxytherapy and mesotherapy equipment are role models to follow in these techniques.

At Anti Aging Systems we are always aware of evolution and innovation in order to always reach a higher level, we believe that being aware of the evolution of the market is important because… If the world evolves daily, why not us? were we going to do ?!

For this reason, in 2020, we also became an official subsidiary of PhysioQuanta in Spain and Portugal, leaders in the market for photobiomodulation and nutrition technology. Focusing on the physiotherapy, dermatology, aesthetics, gynecology and hair sectors. Directed by our Director of Scientific Training, María Viñals


We are regularly present at ALL the most important congresses and master's degrees in Spain and Portugal, covering the sectors of aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, gynecology, dermatology, aesthetics and nutrition.


Our experience, as well as the results obtained, place us as one of the leading companies in the medical-aesthetic and therapeutic sector.


After this story ... Now it's up to you to decide if you want to equip your clinic with pioneering equipment on the market and be able to make a difference.

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Commercial Director of AAMS in Spain and Portugal



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Managing Director of AAMS world



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President and CTO of AAMS world

Here you can see some photos of our apartments at our headquarters in France ...

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