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Genital restoration through photobiomodulation.

The interest of MILTA GYNECO treatment in genital restoration is based on the Nano Pulsed Cold Laser (LLLT or Photobiomodulation) mechanism described for more than 20 years and is now recognized by the Thesaurus of the National Library of Medicine ( NLMT ).


MILTA GYNECO uses Pulsed Cold Nano-Laser (NPCL), this «soft laser» emits coherent nano-pulsed monochromatic light, in order to obtain a biostimulant effect in living tissues , in superficial and deep areas. It is a form of light therapy that uses non-ionizing forms of light sources, including lasers, LEDs, and broadband light, in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. It is a non-thermal process that involves endogenous chromophores that lead to photophysical and photochemical events (reactions) at various biological scales. These biological effects (reactions) are dominated by tissue repair, control (reduction) of inflammation, infection, and pain.


As mentioned above, the therapeutic effects of the MILTA GYNECO device are guaranteed by the synergistic action of the following four biophysical factors:
NPCL «Cold Pulsed Nano-laser», coherent light
RGB LED (red, green, blue), non-coherent chromatic tri-light
Infrared LEDs , non-coherent monochromatic light

Magnetic tunnel , which concentrates and guides this photon emission.

Therapeutic effects of Milta Gyneco

✔ Improves vaginal trophicity : vulvovaginal rejuvenation, hydration, neovascularization, etc.

Reduces inflammation : vulvitis, vaginitis, vaginosis, etc.

Activates the healing process : post episiotomy and postoperative

Relieves pain : post-viral and mycosis sequelae


Gentle laser and LED treatments can, without any thermal damage , activate repair and healing mechanisms. No mutagenic or carcinogenic effects are attributed to photobiomodulation.

What are the expected effects of MILTA GYNECO on genital restoration?

✔ Eliminate inflammatory and painful phenomena: vulvitis, vaginitis, vaginosis, post-viral and post-mycotic sequelae.
✔ Eliminate vaginal dryness and discomfort that cause painful or impossible sexual intercourse.
✔ Improve postoperative healing (perineal surgery).
Optimization of treatment results using thermal lasers, radio frequencies or hyaluronic acid injections.
Vulvovaginal rejuvenation to improve patient comfort and quality of life.

Technical characteristics

MILTA GYNECO offers an endovaginal probe. The emissions are pulsed and the power, frequency and duration can be adjusted in the different programs of the device. The programs are very easy to select on the screen, which makes MILTA GYNECO an easy-to-use work tool.

Endovaginal probe

• 3 NPCL laser emissions… .. 850nm
• 3 RGB trichromatic diodes (9 LEDs) 625nm, 528nm, 470nm
• 3 infrared diodes…. 850nm
• 1 magnetic tunnel…. 200mT

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